street fighter 2 games free download without penny cost!

Street Fighter 2 games free download without any cost! Do you think, I am violating copyright low, No My dear friends Street Fighter 2 games is a freeware, You can download share with any anyone! Yes not a joke, We all know the games Street Fighter 2 , This is generally a fighting games. After(…)

Flying car ideas will work only for the rich people!

Flying car ideas are Really Effective? In one work NO. But why? What is the cause ? Well, I am going to elaborate the discussion ? What is the cause that is why I am telling you flying car ideas will not works for us. Google announce about the Google new version nexus 7 tablet. (…)

Bangladeshi fruits Olive or jolpai

 Olive fruits is very popular for pickles, sauce and curry, This is a kinds of acetous(sour) fruits and available in all over in Bangladesh. There are 2 types of olive(Jolpai). 1. Black olive and others 2. Green olive. Spain is the world largest producer of olives (jolpai), then ITALY and after then, greece, and jolpai(…)

How to add visitors flag counter widget for Blogspot blogs?

Flag counter widget for any Blogs: Flag counter is a free online visitors flag counter. It’s helped a blogger to get the actual report of visitors from which country they come.  If you are a blog or website owner, you can use it free online flag counter. Look at the picture bellow picture (DEMO). How(…)

The effective way to Create an Email address in 1 Sec.!

Hi friends, today I will discuss about  the topic “Email address in 1 Sec” After reading this post title, anyone might think I am crazy, but I don’t? This is true you can make an email address in 1 second.  No need Name, Password, chaptcha Verification, Just input your desired Name in Email address box.(…)

How Protect your website using php shell scanner

Do you know  about php shell scanner? Have you any idea about Shell? Your site hacking again and again by someone. So you should take care your site, Shell is a kind of PHP script that’s helped the hacker to hack your site , To protect your website or blogs you should find your server,(…)